Gallery Al-Quds Exhibition: “Icons of War” by Lukman Ahmad

Gallery Al-Quds invites you to the exhibition

“Icons of War”

Paintings by 

Lukman Ahmad

©Lukman Ahmad


“These paintings describe the circumstances of war, and how war can change our human nature and awaken the instinct of murder inside us and turn our lives from brothers and friends to predatory enemies.

I am from a country that is still suffering from the war since 2011, and also from a Kurdish nation that still suffers from instability and wars.

For that reason, I try in my work to convey a sense of these

tragic stories.” Lukman Ahmad



Reception to meet the artist, Friday July 26 6:00—8:00 p.m.

Exhibition Dates:  July 26—August 23, 2019

RSVP: 202-338-1958 or




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