Gallery Al-Quds Exhibition: “Khawaga” by Layla Alshaer

Gallery Al-Quds invites you to the exhibition


Photography by 

Layla Alshaer

©Layla Alshaer


Definition: Khawaga

• Khawaga (?????) is an (Egyptian) Arabic word much used around Western tourists, usually without their knowledge.

• Khawaja (Persian: ??????) is an honorific title used across the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Central Asia, particularly towards Sufi teachers. The word comes from the Iranian word khw?ja (New Persian: ????? kh?je; Dari kh?jah; Tajik khoja) and translates as “master”, “lord” .

“As a multicultural being, embodied with a Palestinian identity, it was important for me to understand the conflict, rooted into a culture, that influences the narrative of my Palestinian identity. Photography assisted me to reach an understanding of what my identity means, and how each individual carries their own version of one.”

Reception to meet the artist Wednesday August 28, 5-7 pm

Exhibition Dates:  August 28—September 7, 2019

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