A Special Thanks to the Sponsors of our 40th Anniversary Charity Galas!

    A special thanks to the following sponsors of our twin charity galas in Dallas, TX and Chicago, IL to benefit the Palestine Diabetes Institute and celebrate The Jerusalem Fund’s 40th Anniversary!     Friends – $500  Mr. Rami Mustafa, Realtor & Mrs. Nadia Mustafa Mr. Nasser Ashour & Ms. Devin Terrin Mr. & […]

Political Challenges to Diversity in Both Nature and Society in Palestine

Dr. Qumsiyeh argues that movements towards uniformity such as Zionism have threatened the crucial diversity found in the landscape. This applies both to social diversity and also to biodiversity. Restoring our social and natural ecosystems to balance requires challenging ideas of dominance and hegemony, which Dr. Qumsiyeh discusses as a Palestinian Christian, a biologist, and a human rights activist. 

“Protection Amid Chaos: The Creation of Property Rights in Palestinian Refugee Camps”

Protection Amid Chaos follows people as they develop binding claims on assets and resources in challenging political and economic spaces. Focusing on Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, it shows how the first to arrive developed flexible though legitimate property rights claims based on legal knowledge retained from their homeland, subsequently adapted to the restrictions of refugee life.

The Growing Role of Empathy in the Arts

This panel conversation exploring the power of the arts to foster understanding and build empathy was held in coordination with the Gallery Al-Quds exhibition THEY HAVE NAMES and the Goethe Institute’s exhibition FORTY OUT OF ONE MILLION.

Palestine in Focus: A Freedom Theatre Multimedia Show

Members of the multimedia program at The Freedom Theatre of Jenin discuss the role of creative work as a means of resisting the Israeli occupation, and their work with the Theatre in introducing young Palestinians to a variety of artistic forms, including music, photography, filmmaking, and writing. They view these forms as necessary creative outlets in an environment that is often violent and oppressive.

Thank You Sean Hannity (and Russell Brand)

By Yousef Munayyer

Sometimes good things come out of unpleasant experiences. When I participated in a “debate” on a Fox News program hosted by Sean Hannity last month, I certainly was not expecting the reaction it would get but in retrospect, I am very glad I went on and need to thank Mr. Hannity for the opportunity.

What the Jonathan Pollard deal tells us about the “Peace Process”

By Yousef Munayyer

If it seems to you that a deal to release Jonathan Pollard, an American convicted of espionage for Israel, to keep a moribund “peace process” above water is some sort of April Fools’, joke you are not alone. But this, sadly, is typical of Washington’s handling of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.