Has CNN officially become Israeli State TV?

Since the initial disappearance of three Israelis feared kidnapped when hitchhiking in occupied Palestinian territory almost three weeks ago, Israel unleashed a wide-scale campaign of arrests and raids that resulted in ten Palestinian deaths and over 500 arbitrarily arrested Palestinians, and the destruction of property in countless homes. Yesterday, the news broke that the bodies of the three Israelis had been found in a field near the Palestinian city of Al-Khalil. Prior to these events, several other Palestinians were killed and scores of Palestinian political prisoners, held without charge, were engaged in a multi-month long hunger strike.

CNN decided to cover the developments after the fate of the missing Israelis became clear yesterday. Here is who they had on to talk about the events on the ground.

Former Israeli Ambassador turned CNN contributor Michael Oren was on in the 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.hours.

Just to break things up a bit though, and you know, give you another perspective, CNN shifted from the former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, to his replacement and sitting Israeli Ambassador Ron Dremer in the 4 o’clock hour.

In the same hour, CNN had the aunt of one of the Israeli victims.

And, in case you really wanted another official Israeli perspective but got tired of only hearing from current or former Israeli ambassadors, Mark Regev, the spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office was there at 6 p.m. to provide a fresh stale take.

So, how many Palestinians were brought on to speak about the large-scale violence and collective punishment of civilians wrought upon them by the Israeli military machine? ZERO. In fact since the Israeli crackdown began on June 13th, CNN has invited no Palestinian guests on.

Maybe CNN should just change its name to the Israeli News Network.