Fascism the scent of Israel

From time to time, the Palestine Center distributes articles it believes will enhance understanding of the Palestinian political reality. The following article was published by Ali Abunimah in Electronic Intifada on March 19, 2018


“Ayelet Shaked, Israel’s justice minister, posted this video for her New Right party in which she boasts of its fascism.

The ad is ostensibly ironic, mocking left-wing concerns about Shaked’s attack on whatever independence Israel’s judiciary still has.

The 44-second video presents Shaked as an elegant model in an ad for a fancy perfume called ‘Fascism.’

A voice intones, ‘A judicial revolution, reducing judicial activism, appointment of judges, governance, separation of powers, restraining the high court’ – all policies supposedly championed by Shaked.

The voiceover then says, ‘Fascism….’ and Shaked adds, ‘To me it smells like democracy,’ as she sprays the perfume on herself.’In reality, Shaked has been waging a systematic attack on Israel’s judiciary, especially the high court, habitually and falsely claiming that judges restrain the Israeli occupation army’s ability to kill Palestinians with impunity.

Following a shooting in the West Bank that left an Israeli soldier and settler dead on Sunday, Shaked claimed that ‘the legal constraints imposed on the Israel Defense Forces preclude effective deterrence,’ and that soldiers are afraid to shoot Palestinians in Gaza launching incendiary balloons over the boundary fence.”


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